WiFi on the Island

There is no wired internet service anywhere on Little Gasparilla Island.  Many guests enjoy the island because it's an opportunity to truly unplug and reconnect with their family, friends, and loved ones.  If you need to stay connected to work emails, browse the Internet, or post to social media, there are options to stay connected, however speeds will not be what you expect at home, so don't plan on being able to use WiFi for gaming or streaming Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Mobile Hot Spots

Most renters opt to use the mobile hot spots on their smartphones, especially if they have a large or unlimited data plan. Cell service is excellent on the island and this is fastest and most convenient option. Our team can assist you with this if you're unfamiliar with how to enable a mobile hot spot.

Verizon Jetpacks

If you do not have a smartphone, we can provide you with a free Verizon Jetpack, but the cost to purchase the data is NOT included. You can either bring a prepaid Verizon card with you or we can sell you one with the Jetpack. You can buy as much data as you need, but it is on the expensive side, and will go fast if you use the data for entertainment purposes such as streaming music, videos, or TV/movies. 

  • 2G of data is $35
  • 5G of data is $60
  • 10G is $100.

For a reference, watching movies or TV shows on Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour to stream in standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour to stream in HD.  Please be sure to remind kids or teenagers who are used to unlimited data and WiFi speeds at home.   We recommend downloading books, movies, and TV shows to tablets or e-readers BEFORE coming to the island.